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The Twisted Night
The lights have dimmed
my heart hangs low
it seems so easy to just give in.
The sun has fallen below the horizon
time moves slower now
as I wait for the light of day.
The darkness creeps in
the voice of madness settles down
inside my twisted mind.
My heart beats faster
the only part of me
who truly wants to succede.
The creatures of the night come first
the twisted creatures who like to whisper
whisper terrible dark things
My mind listens to there whispers
listens very close as what they start to say
seems to make sense in my quiet minds eye.
Night moves on as I continue to walk
listening to madness and insanity
my heart glowing fiercly.
Then they are gone,
as quickly as they came
leaving me trembling.
The demons of the night come second,
the horrific figures like to scream
and tear at my fragile heart.
My heart tries to resist,
but there lure and touch
seems so grand that my heart gives in.
Then they are gone
leaving as there howls fill the night air,
there smell seems to linger there
:icondesmondtinyy:DesmondTinyy 1 0
Fading away to shadow
A smile lay on my face
a frown dampens my heart
as tears threaten to shatter my shining light.
An understanding slithers its way deep inside me,
no matter how wrong or how right
it delivers a message that tells me I wont be alright.
To weak to try and defeat
it wraps around my light
dampening my every right.
Slowly it crawls and it stretches
untill a tiny spec is all that I am given
darkness pours itself in.
My heart continues on a slowing beat,
a smile fighting its way off my twisted face
screaming and fleeing as I should be leaving.
Falling to my weakened knee's
I try and smile and stand back up
but this understanding has become to much.
A tear falls down my desolate face
crumbling to all my weakness
as I'm slowly ripped apart.
It seems this understanding
is not just an understanding
just the dark voices that are calling me home.
:icondesmondtinyy:DesmondTinyy 1 0
The Faceless Creature.
Hiding in the shadows,
fearing what I am,
what I may become.
Pondering on what the world has to offer
is it truly worth it?
Do I really belong?
People around me,
some of them I have grown attatched.
Sometimes l wonder if I'm disposable in there eyes.
Fading out from blackness to light
confused by these strange emotions
wondering why the beating inside me has a mind of its own.
A smell lingers in the air,
a beautiful rose so sweet
but it seems her sweet scent is not meant for the likes of me.
I continue to wander,
people starring at me as I pass them by
I dont utter a sound.
What do they see in me I ponder,
for I cannot see a thing
perhaps its for the better
for I am a faceless creature.
:icondesmondtinyy:DesmondTinyy 1 0
Footprints of Life
The truth is.
we are all a litte lost
but never be discouraged.
Wandering around
hearts bleeding
mind screaming
darkness fades the day
blocking out our sun
whispering evil in our hearts.
Remember dont lose hope
theres a light thats shining through
there is a purpose for all this madness.
Everyday you change the world
with every breath you bring renewed life
no matter your actions good or ill.
Pause and take a look,
look really close you see them, yes?
Turn your head and look at your footprints
For every footprint in your life
alloud millions more to take another.
:icondesmondtinyy:DesmondTinyy 1 0
Heart vs Mind
It seems all I am
is a casualty of war
between my mind and heart
My mind likes to loose itself
in its own little fantasies
reminding me not to cling to hope
My heart likes to express itself,
sometimes its just to much,
my loved ones are taken aback.
My mind tells my heart to slow down
to express itself slowly
and don't raise your hopes.
My heart doesn't listen.
It has a will of its own
ignoring all logic and reason.
My mind retaliates,
burning images of hopelessness
and whispering how worthless I am.
My heart tells me to love
to love and never ever stop
no matter how pointless it may seem.
My mind tells me to slow down
before I loose my friends
all because of the strange way my heart acts.
This battle rages around me,
never seeming to end
it seems all I am is a casualty of war
:icondesmondtinyy:DesmondTinyy 1 0
Why Can't I understand who I am?
It seems like I will never fully be able to
understand who I really am.
Conflicted by myself.
It seems like I always find myself doing,
all these wrong things
and I question myself why?
Will I really be able to change?
Will it all be for the better?
What if I cannot?
What if I question all the right things?
Enforce all the bad?
Question who I really am?
I find myself dilusioned,
staring at this grand illusion
my mind has betrayed me yet again.
My heart burns deep,
trying to be free
from the shackles of my mind.
What do I look like on the outside?
Just another cheerful outgoing person?
Why cant I see myself on the inside?
What am I becomming?
Why do I find myself riding this rollercoaster
when I know that the tracks are broken at the edge?
:icondesmondtinyy:DesmondTinyy 2 1
My Crazy Mind
My sweet wonderul crazy mind,
how you are lost
in your own little paradise.
Wishing for the best,
raising my spirits
shattering my hope.
Expecting the worst,
believing we are nothing
lost in our own little fantasy.
Thinking of crazy things to say,
how you work with my weird
but strange personality.
Constantly at war with my heart,
why do you two fight on so much,
cant you two just get along?
My sweet wonderful crazy mind,
I dont know who I would be
without your dark reality.
:icondesmondtinyy:DesmondTinyy 1 0
What would you do if I said Goodbye?
What would you do if I said goodbye?
Would you be upset?
Would you smile gracefully?
What would you do if I left without a warning?
Would you be upset I didn't tell you?
Would you be happy and dance in glee?
What would you do if I told you that my life is worthless?
Would you immediatley tell me how wrong I am?
Would you silently agree?
What would you do if I fell down into darkness?
Would you immediatley hold out your hand and try to pick me up?
Would you laugh and push me under?
What would you do if I abandoned all hope?
Would you show me where to find it?
Would you hide it under my nose?
What would you do if I said goodbye?
I would hope that you would say to me,
that I'd love to say hello to you again soon.
:icondesmondtinyy:DesmondTinyy 2 1
What are the Broken?
What are the broken?
Do you see them
as nothing but shards of glass?
Do you see the broken?
Do they look like
they belong in the trash?
Do you feel the broken?
Do they make you wonder,
is hell on earth is just around the corner?
Do you promise the broken?
Do you fill them with empty lies,
that make them shatter even more?
What are the broken?
Do you see them
as pieces to a grand puzzle?
Do you see the broken?
Do they look like
beautiful crystals laying about?
Do you feel the broken?
Do they make you want to
piece them back together again?
What are the broken?
Well I'll tell you,
they are beautiful souls,
just like you and me.
:icondesmondtinyy:DesmondTinyy 3 1
When I look to the sky
in the stars twinkling eye
I see you shining bright.
Missed by the ones who love you
but I know deep down your still here
shining inside our hearts.
though you may be gone,
you are never truly forgotten
you shine inside us all.
There will come a day
when our time is done
and we take our place with you
in the great night beyond
Until that day I know
your great light continues to shine
in each and all our hearts.
:icondesmondtinyy:DesmondTinyy 2 0
True Friends
You hear my cries,
you see me through the shroud
I have foolishly created around me.
You know just what to say,
you have the gift of words
to tame my uncontrolled mind.
You know just how to say it
to make me see the error
of the wrongful state I may be in.
You know how to make me believe
when all my hope has failed
no matter how far I have fallen.
You know how to encourage me,
to see me as something more
something I cannot begin to fathom exsists.
What I am trying to say is,
no matter what happens
no matter how far I fall
You are a true friend,
who is always there to help me up
no matter how many times I have fallen
Like an angel so bright
I am honored
to call you my friend.
:icondesmondtinyy:DesmondTinyy 2 2
Broken Mess
It seems all I am,
is just a broken mess.
Forever bound to be alone.
All I can do
is love forever
and cannot be loved back.
I'll be there for you when you need me
Help you best I can
and I will never let you fall.
I will love you always
be your guide as long as you want me to be
stand by you through to the end of time.
It seems all I am destined to be,
is a broken mess for all to see
but I will always be here for you you'll see.
:icondesmondtinyy:DesmondTinyy 2 1
The Beautiful Soul
Theres a beautiful soul,
which walks this dark world
inflicted by pain.
As I watch her I do my best
to try and console her pain
but like everything else it seems like im failing.
She has the power to shine
shes the most beautiful of them all
and she resides in darkness.
My heart feels her pain
gripped with worry
crying out to her.
She means alot to me,
this beautiful soul
this perfect being.
The darkness surrounds her,
I do my best to shine a light
to try and show her the way.
The enviroment she lives in
slowly tearing her apart
piece by piece.
It will take her a while to move through it,
but I hope I can make her realize
I will forever be there for her and when she gets through
she will be the grandest of them all.
:icondesmondtinyy:DesmondTinyy 3 1
How much you mean to me
As I look upon you.
I see a brilliant light surround you
which takes my breath away.
Your smile so beautiful
it makes my heart shake
and eventually melt away.
If only someday I could tell you
how much you truly mean to me
perhaps great things will come of it.
My heart bottles up this feeling
It wants to release it all
tell you everything.
I hold my breath
just a little while longer
my heart screaming inside.
Who am I to deny its cries?
Perhaps you'll hear it someday
It's screams ring loudly in my ears.
As I continue holding back
my heart beating loudly
perhaps someday you'll realize
how much you truly mean to me.
:icondesmondtinyy:DesmondTinyy 2 0
Free Falling
Overcome by this feeling,
the dread feeling of free fall.
like everything around me is falling into chaos
Uncontrollable, chaotic, paralized
Fear taking over in this uncontrollable feeling
free falling into nothing
My life like a river pulling me under
flying away so fast,
how could I have lost already?
Like mirrors shattering all around me
how everything seemed so at ease
war has erupted on my own turf.
Struggling to maintain control
wondering why and how
what is truly wrong with me?
Falling in darkness
falling away to insanity
falling away from life.
The light slipping so far away,
its like a spec in the distance
and it grows smaller and smaller
As I continue to free fall into nothing
:icondesmondtinyy:DesmondTinyy 2 0
The Beautiful Rose
Beautiful sweet rose,
how you are so perfect and eligant.
If only the breeze would turn you toward me.
It kills me to see you in pain,
it is my deepest wish
To take it all away.
You are so strong,
stronger than you can comprehend
I see so much strength in you
Your heart is so fragile.
I see its broken reflection in your tears.
I'll help you put it back together again.
Beautiful sweet rose,
how you make me smile
and make my heart skip a beat.
Know that I will be watching over you,
perhaps you'll see me someday,
and bless me with your mesmerizing smile
:icondesmondtinyy:DesmondTinyy 2 2


In The Past
In the Past
I want it in the past
This pain you caused
Scars so deep you won't ever know how far they run
My heart is a battle field of broken bodies and lost hope
How dare you do this to me?
Break me so I can't ever be whole again
I deserve to be happy and loved
But you took my love and picked it apart and then glued it back again
Then you did it all over again
Is this your way of amusement?
Something to pass the time?
Do I mean so little to you can't let me be?
Why do you re open old wounds?
They will only turn into ugly scars and then I will be hated by all
Is that your plan?
To make me ugly and weak?
To have others hate me and leave me just like you did?
I do not want to lose you but you left me long ago
I just couldn't see
Couldn't see what you were doing to me
These scars you caused may never heal but I will not allow you
To create new wounds
I will not bleed out any more
It may take time to let others back in after you caused me to shut them out
But I know with time and love I w
:iconcheckyeschloe:checkyeschloe 8 17
A Gate to Nowhere
Going down this road to nowhere
Is not what I would normally dare;
But the ways of life lead me here,
And I don't know what I should fear.
I try my best to move on,
Although I see my path is gone.
I look around for a way out
But at all I see I will shout.
None of them will help me escape,
To end here seems to be my fate.
I can delay what waits for me,
But not avoid it completely
So I decide to face this path...
And it hits me with all it's wrath.
I try to work through all this pain,
Yet I don't know what I will gain.
I find I can't do this alone
And I see that my need has grown.
All I do is give up the fight,
Leave it for someone else's might.
When it's done I Finally find
That 'nowhere' is now left behind.
I start off and begin anew
And now i will not forget you.
:iconshraka-12:shraka-12 5 2
I struggle and writhe
Beneath this blanket of black
I cry out only to be met with regret
Stay strong you whisper
Impossible I say!
My heart is spinning, going away
Please have mercy!
I beg and plead
But no one is there to comfort me
I'm lost and forgotten
No one noticed as I slipped and fell
I was invisible
See through, Gone
And how I wish to be remembered
To be that lingering smile
That faded dream
I'm still waiting
Waiting to be seen
:iconcheckyeschloe:checkyeschloe 10 9


A long time ago there was a planet perfect and beautiful, life grew in every direction and animals inhabited it. The people on the planet enjoyed it and lived off the life the planet gave. As time grew on people became curious on how things worked, why things worked the way they did and is there a way to manipulate it and control it? The people who just wanted to survive off the land became few as people discovered new ways to do things. Eventually everyone figured why live the hard life off the land when we can find "easier" ways to live. So technology grew and eventually the people became proud. Soon after the people who came to depend on the land were shattered and broken and many outcast for there way of things. Eventually pride took the people and they grew tunnel vision and didn't focus or care about what there actions caused to others. Even though there were people screaming and crying to be heard, those who realized the beautiful world we are shattering. Ignorance is bliss and the devastation continued. The planet became angry and hot blooded, winters became more savage, summers destroyed everything and eventually the world became so hot that shook and erupted and eventually at long last there was a peace... The planet cooled and went into a sleep. The beautiful life was restored and any evidence of these proud people were destroyed and long gone. Untill one day, a group of animals gave birth to a strange creature. There was no fur but skin covered him from head to toe. There intelligence seemed to grow fast, and the world awoke tensing itself hoping that it would not once again be shattered and broken.


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